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Undergraduate Directors & Advisors

Click on the department link to access a unit's website or select name to access contact information.

African Amer.St Undergraduate director Jonathan Gayles
African Amer.St Undergraduate advisor Belinda Futrell
Anthropology Undergraduate director Cassandra White
App Ling & ESL Undergraduate director Kris Acheson-Clair
Art & Design Undergraduate director Constance Thalken
Art & Design Undergraduate advisor Timothy Flowers
Art & Design Undergraduate advisor Adam Wagner
Biology Undergraduate director Therese Poole
Biology Undergraduate advisor Barbara Baumstark
Biology Undergraduate advisor Jerria McCoy
Chemistry Undergraduate director Doyle Barrow
Chemistry Undergraduate advisor: Allied Heath Laura Kibler-Herzog
Chemistry Undergraduate advisor: Freshmen Davon Kennedy
Chemistry Undergraduate advisor: Pre-Med Keith Pascoe
Communication Undergraduate director: Film, Journalism, Speech Douglas Barthlow
Communication Undergraduate advisor Carmela Pattillo
Communication Undergraduate advisor Rasha Ramzy
Computer Sci. Undergraduate director Anu Bourgeois
Computer Sci. Undergraduate advisor Saeid Belkasim
English Undergraduate director Audrey Goodman
English Undergraduate advisor Sabrina Abid
English Undergraduate advisor Perry Dantzler
English Undergraduate advisor Elizabeth Lopez
English Undergraduate advisor Pearl McHaney
English Undergraduate advisor Reneé Schatteman
English Undergraduate advisor Debora Stefani
English Undergraduate director for Creative Writing Josh Russell
Geosciences Undergraduate advisor Seth Rose
Geosciences Undergraduate director: Geosciences, GIS certificate Jeremy Diem
Gerontology Undergraduate director Candice Kemp
Gerontology Undergraduate advisor Christina Sims
History Undergraduate director Glenn Eskew
History Undergraduate advisement director Larry Youngs
History Undergraduate advisor Michelle Lacoss
Intensive English Program director: Intensive English Program Cheryl Delk
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Arts Administration Frank Miller
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Arts Administration Todd Studebaker
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Asian Studies Kim Reimann
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Asian Studies Yuki Takatori
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Classical Studies Gerard Pendrick
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Community Studies Charles Jaret
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Environmental Science Sidney Crow
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: International Studies Larry Grubbs
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Italian Studies Richard Keatley
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Middle East Studies Alta Schwartz
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Pre-Law Stephen Anthony
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Theatre Frank Miller
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Theatre Todd Studebaker
Interdisciplinary Studies BIS Advisor: Undergraduate director Nadine Sinno
Math & Stats Undergraduate director Michael Stewart
Mod & Clas Lang Undergraduate director George Perla
Mod & Clas Lang Undergraduate advisor Tim Jansa
Mod & Clas Lang Undergraduate advisor: German Huff Robin
Mod & Clas Lang Undergraduate advisor: Spanish Torres German
Music Undergraduate director Robert Ambrose
Music Undergraduate advisor Pamelase Leintz
Music Undergraduate advisor David Smart
Neuroscience Undergraduate director Donald Edwards
Neuroscience Undergraduate advisor Yvette Hilaire
Philosophy Undergraduate director Edward Nahmias
Physics & Astro Undergraduate director Brian Thoms
Pol Science Undergraduate director Rashid Naim
Pol Science Undergraduate advisor: Pre-Law concentration Stephen Anthony
Psychology Undergraduate director Chris Goode
Psychology Undergraduate advisor Tenagne Mulugeta
Psychology Undergraduate advisor: Careers and Graduate School Andrea Weyermann
Rel Studies Undergraduate director Jonathan Herman
ROTC Undergraduate director Dora Teran-Edwards
Sociology Undergraduate director Wendy Simonds
Sociology Undergraduate advisor Brian Buckwald
Women's Studies Undergraduate director Juliana Kubala

Click the following link to access a list of college advisors in the Office of Academic Assistance.