Project Description

A War Ignored: A Collection of Oral Histories hopes to offer a chance for people to share their experiences of The Balkan Wars with the world at large. Being a conflict that has increasingly become obscured by time and lack of discussion, the Balkan Wars still have much to be understood by those outside and even within the Balkan community. Especially among Americans, both young and old, this conflict remains a mystery.

A War Ignored: A Collection of Oral Histories was produced by five senior under-graduate researchers from the BFA Photography department: Beau Torres, Brandon English, Mandy Ellis, Naveen Khan, and Sarah Cavalcanti. These students recently studied Digital Video under Professor Stewart Ziff, who led the project. Further expanding on past videography, the students have worked and collaborated to create a visual portfolio documenting narratives concerning individuals who lived through the Balkan Wars of the 1990s.

Interview Videos