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Office of Undergraduate Academic Assistance

When you have earned 90 hours of undergraduate credit and become a senior, you are advised by a staff member in the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Academic Assistance. To schedule an appointment, please call 404-413-5000. Unfortunately, we cannot schedule appointments via email!

Tammy Patterson-Hill Image Patterson-Hill, Tammy
  • Director
  • College approver for Banner users
Linda King Image King, Linda
Associate Director
  • Associate director and Senior advisement: Biology (J-R), Geosciences, Neuroscience, Pre-Med
  • Undergraduate CAPP processing
S. Rene Mondy Image Mondy, S. Rene
Assistant Director
  • Assistant director and advisement outreach/Major Matters program coordination
  • Senior advisement: Music, Art and Design majors
Sarah Argiero Image Argiero, Sarah
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Applied Linguistics, Modern and Classical Languages majors (French, German, Spanish), Psychology (A-I), Women’s Studies
Eric Brown Image Brown, Eric
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Film and Video, Interdisciplinary Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies
Sabrina Hall Image Hall, Sabrina
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement
  • Undergraduate resolution processes 
Jamie Hayes Image Hayes, Jamie
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Sociology (M-Z)
  • Located in the Sociology Department, 1045 LH
Ramona Howard Image Howard, Ramona
Academic Advisor III
  • Senior advisement: Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Pre-Med
Ann Johnson Image Johnson, Ann
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: African-American Studies, Gerontology Certificate, Political Science, Sociology (A-L)
Jerria McCoy Image McCoy, Jerria
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Biology (S-Z)
  • Located in the Biology Department, 482 PSC
Stephen Mendenhall Image Mendenhall, Stephen
Academic Advisor III
  • Senior advisement: Journalism, Speech
 Tenagne Mulugeta Image Mulugeta, Tenagne
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Psychology (S-Z)
  • Located in the Psychology Department, 1156 UL
Meg Summers Image Summers, Meg
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Biology (A-I), English, Pre-Med 
 Image Thompson, Justin
Academic Advisor I
  • Senior advisement: Anthropology, History, Psychology (J-R);
Carol Turner Image Turner, Carol
Sr. Administrative Coordinator
  • Advisement scheduling and administrative support
Shannon Sanders Image Sanders, Shannon
Assistant Director(CAS), University Advisement Center
  • Supervises Arts and Sciences advisors in University Advisement Center

Department Advisement

Departmental undergraduate directors and coordinators can assist you with any questions concerning your major courses, internships, study abroad programs, and transfer credit evaluation for upper level courses.

We recommend that you meet with your assigned advisor (in the University Advisement Center for freshmen through junior years; in the college Office of Academic Assistance for the senior year) as well as the undergraduate director or coordinator for your program while at Georgia State.

Office/Delivery Address

Suite 418 General Classroom Building
38 Langdale Hall
Atlanta, GA 30303

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 4100
Atlanta, GA 30302-4100


Phone: 404-413-5000
Fax: 404-413-5008