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Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell directs the Arabic Program at Georgia State University. He teaches Arabic language as well as courses on the modern Arabic novel, classical Arabic literature and culture, and the Islamic influence on the development of medieval and Renaissance Europe. His chief research interest is the Arabic-language novel of Morocco: his book Labyrinths, Intellectuals and the Revolution: The Arabic-Language Moroccan Novel, 1957-72 was published by Brill in 2013. Dr. Campbell also writes on Arabic-language science fiction: his work has appeared in the New York Review of Science Fiction and will appear in Science Fiction Studies. He also administers a YouTube channel, Arabic Grammar Unpacked, dedicated to demystifying the grammar of Modern Standard Arabic for first- and second-year students. He graduated from Emory University's Department of Comparative Literature in 2003 and was previously Assistant Professor of Arabic and French at the University of Mary Washington in Virginia.