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Center Updates

6/15/2014: June 2014 Greece in America newsletter from the Embassy of Greece in Washington, DC

3/21/2014: Check out Dr. Ruprecht's newest book, Classics at the Dawn of the Museum Era: The Life and Times of Antoine Chrysostome Quatremère de Quincy (1755-1849) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

2/28/2014: February 2014 Greece in America newsletter from the Embassy of Greece

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μή παρακαλῶ σας μή

Άετόμορφα ἔχει τὰ ψηλὰ βουνὰ
καὶ τὰ σπίτια πιὸ λευκὰ

Τῆς Άσίας ἂν ἀγγίζειἀπὸ τὴ μιὰ
στὸν αἰθέρα στέκει νά

Mindful sun of Justice,
I beg you, do not

Its eagle-shaped and soaring mountains,
and the white houses made whiter

Hugging close to Asia on one side
it hovers alone in that high air,

καὶ μυρσίνη σὺ δοξαστική
λησμονᾶτε τὴ χώρα μου!

στὰ ἡφαίστεια κλήματα σειρὰ
στοῦ γλαυκοῦ τὸ γειτόνεμα!

τῆς Εὐρώπης λίγο ἂν ἀκουμπᾶ
καὶ στὴ θάλασσα μόνη της!

and you, glorying myrtle,
do not forget my country!

its wine-cultivated volcanic hills,
by being so near to the blue sea!

a bit further to Europe on the other,
and bathes alone in that sweet sea.

Odysseas Elytis, Axion Esti, “The Passion”