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Student Health Insurance

Please note that you must self enroll to receive your insurance card (see Accessing your Account below).

The University System of Georgia student health insurance program (USG SHIP) provides graduate assistants (with full tuition waivers) with comprehensive covered benefits that meet the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) mandates as they apply to college and university student health insurance plans. The core plan benefits and premium rates are the same for graduate assistants with separate premium rates based on age category, as listed below:

Adjusted Premium Costs for Graduate Assistants with Full-time Tuition Waivers *

Age Range  Fall Spring
up to age 27 $337 $395
age 27 and older $502 $561

* These premium amounts have been reduced by cost offsets provided by the university and the College of Arts and Sciences. Higher rates without the cost offset may be listed on other university websites or plan brochures. Unadjusted premium costs are listed on the Student Accounts website at

Waiving the Insurance Requirement

Students who already have comparable insurance coverage can waive the insurance requirement by using an online process provided on the UnitedHeathcare's GSU webpage. A comparable plan is one that meets the minimum requirements indicated by the Georgia Board of Regents. UnitedHealthcare will determine if your coverage meets the minimum requirements. Please note thant no waivers for fall 2013 will be processed after September 25, 2013. Please be aware that students must opt out of the plan by applying for a waiver through the on- line process each semester.

Accessing Your Account

The USG SHIP 2013-14 service offering includes a United Healthcare-Student Resources MyAccount online program for students to enroll or waive out of the USG SHIP (if they have comparable coverage) and access information about their insurance coverage on a 24/7/365 basis. This includes the ability to print an ID card or request a replacement ID card, check claims status, update personal information, contact United Healthcare-Student Resources with a question or comment, look up a network provider, and review plan coverage benefits. The site for GSU is at

Click here for a detailed USG SHIP brochure for Georgia State University. Additional information, including premium rates for coverage of a spouse or family members as well as for an optional plan for other student populations are available on the university student accounts website at  

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to questions students frequently ask about the health insurance plan.