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Interdisciplinary Minor

The interdisciplinary minor provides educational opportunities not otherwise available and allows students the flexibility to select courses for the minor from several departments/schools/colleges at the university. Students must propose their interdisciplinary minor of 15-18 hours for approval by the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Advisory Council. A proposal must identify the way in which the minor fits into the context of the student's entire degree program. To gain approval, students must articulate a reasonable and educationally justifiable course of study and must keep in mind that this course of study may not duplicate what is currently available. Students can choose to pursue either a college-planned or a student-planned interdisciplinary minor.

The following requirements apply to the interdisciplinary minor:

  1. The student must have a Georgia State University cumulative grade-point average of 2.0;
  2. All courses included must be at the 3000 level or above;
  3. No more than six hours may be taken in any one department or school and courses cannot be from the major area; and
  4. At least 50 percent of the minor must be completed after the semester in which the B.I.S. Advisory Council approves the minor program plan.

Students should contact the Office of Academic Assistance at 404/413-5000 for information on the application procedure. Guidelines for college-planned interdisciplinary minors in Advanced Leadership and Management, Gerontology, Jewish Studies, Language Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle East Studies are also available.